The Unexpected Outcome

By Goh Xin Ying, Dora

Investigating the core issue

After the first week of observation and enquiring, we finally managed to know the core issue of the Eyeball’s Tailoring – the need of hiring an additional tailor. As Cyrus is the sole tailor of the business, it is no doubt that to receive more orders and expand the business, he would need an additional tailor to cater his additional orders. Well, it is often the case of easier said than done, hiring another tailor is not a trivial matter. It is more than just putting up a job advertisement in the Jagna Business Centre as this is an industry problem of shortage of tailors.

Talking to different parties

As we realized the tediousness of the issue, we decided to talk to different parties to enquire about the difficulty of hiring tailors. First, Kumar and I have interviewed the other tailoring shops as we noticed the others are putting up job advertisement in front of their shops. After our interview with them, it seems like every shop is having trouble in hiring a tailor. As mentioned by these tailoring shops, many skillful tailors have gone to cities with higher salary to work such as Cebu and Manila.


Visiting TESDA for investigation.

Realizing this problem, we went to approach Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (“TESDA”), who provides technical training to express our concerns over the shortage of tailors in the area. Although the training courses in tailoring has been provided before in TESDA Jagna, due to maintenance cost of equipment and low demand of public interest in the tailoring, it was then being dropped off from the list. The only institution which provides tailoring courses is TESDA Balilihan, in which its graduates mainly have gone to Cebu and Manila, or work in towns at their respective home.

Thinking about solutions

After the weekly discussion with Mr. Lefler, we realized there is clearly a job mismatch within the tailoring industry. This is so as there are many people who is jobless and yet there are still job vacancies around.

We then thought of working with the tailoring shops to collaborate to launch a tailoring workshop at the same time persuading TESDA to launch their own tailoring training courses.

Before we move on to that, we went to talk to each of the tailoring shops for their willingness in giving free tailoring training to people who are interested in tailoring. Fortunately, there are 3 tailoring shops including Eyeball’s are willing to do so.

Then, we went to talk to TESDA again about our plan and asked if we could meet with the Centre Administrator to tell him about our idea. Unfortunately, we only managed to talk to the officer in TESDA, and I would say that was a fruitful talk as that was the time we finally found out about our direction on how to move on with our plan.

Diving into the macro perspective

Before launching the tailoring programmes, we thought it was necessary to do a survey on whether there is anyone who is interested in tailoring courses. We then approached the three radio broadcasting stations in the town and two of the barangay captains nearby. They agreed to help us on circulating the message of public interest in tailoring courses.


Approached Radyo Natin for advertisement of our survey.


Seeked help from the Barangay Captain of Tejero.

One of the radio broadcasting stations which is also a cable television even invited us for an interview. As for me, I had to be interviewed alone for twice as Kumar was not available at that moment. The interview basically covered my purpose here in Jagna, purpose of our feasibility study and some insights about the tailoring industry in the region.


Interviewed by Kuya Ben.

Out of our expectations, many people in the nearby area are interested in the tailoring programmes. After gathering the information and investigation we needed, we decided to make a case study proposal of the tailoring industry in the region based on our findings as well as presenting the survey results to both the mayor of Jagna and the Centre Administrator of TESDA.


Picture after presenting our case study proposal to the Centre Administrator of TESDA Jagna.

Whole new experience

This is indeed a once in a life time experience. There are not many people who would have the opportunity to talk to mayor or even enter the mayor office, being interviewed on both the cable television and radio channel live at the same time for not only once but thrice.

As it was my first time being interviewed, I was feeling excited at the same time feeling nervous as I was afraid that my performance might be bad. Fortunately, the DJs who interviewed me were real amateurs in the field as they made me feel at ease throughout the interview process. Opportunity like these cannot be demanded unless encountered hence they are undeniably memorable moments to me.


With Nino, DJ and Manager in Operations of San Miguel Cable Network after the interview.

Aside from that, it was truly my honor to talk to the Mayor personally about the case I was working on. I guess not many people like me would had this precious chance to talk to such an important person of a town about the economic development. It was especially satisfying when the mayor was agreeing to the proposal I made and telling me his decision to pass on to his management committee to discuss the issue of reviving the tailoring industry at the same time explaining how useful was the case study proposal written. These words and encouragement definitely made my day as if my hard work were not in vain.


Picture after discussion with the Mayor of Jagna.

Future prospect

Eyeball’s Tailoring – representing my first actual business consultation, has led me to strive upon my limits and comfort zone to where I could achieve more and add value to the business as well as the society. I eagerly hope that what I have done here in Jagna could at least could raise certain extent of awareness in the government as well as the business.


Our last day with Cyrus.



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