Develop Together with The Business -Diligence Matters

By Maggie Ke


If you have great talents, industry will improve them; if you have but moderate abilities, industry will supply their deficiency.

-Joshua Reynolds


Before I came here, I had never thought that I had the ability to set up a website and to draw 3D pictures. Before I came here, I had never tried so hard to learn skills that I was not familiar with. Before I came here, I had never expected that significant individual development would come with the improvement of the business. For me, BUSI 2816 is more than a course about transformative business immersion, the experiences offered by it is a priceless treasure of my personal growth.


It is our last week in Jagna, and it is the time to fine-tune, optimize and implement the strategies we proposed. In the past few weeks, we have spared no effort to collect information, investigate and analyze the market, and thus, we came up with the rudiments of recommendation. When we started to implement our plans, we found that we were ambitious in the beginning. Many strategies we intended to do, such as building websites and designing 3D pictures, are new to us. In other words, I needed to learn it and apply it instantly.


In my dictionary, there is no ‘give up’. Once I made the determination, I would not recoil in fear. Since I had limited knowledge in JavaScript, I searched for some free online website design tools. In this way, it would be easier for Irish to take over the website, because I could make it by sharing username and password. Besides, the free domain name provided by the design tool helped us to save a large amount of money. In this stage, it is important for JPI Tinsmith Centre to accumulate capital to generate flexible cash flows, hence, it would be better to spend less without impacting on the efficiency.


In the homepage of the website, many parts are included, such as company overview, contact information and product description. In addition, in the reading 5 Most Important Questions, ‘What does the customer value’ is a foundation stone to formulate a successful plan. According to our market survey, many people value ‘Price’ and ‘Quality’, therefore, the tagline of JPI Tinsmith Centre shown in the homepage is ‘Affordable and High-quality Hardware in Jagna’, which emphasizes these two aspects that customers care about most. Paying attention to what the customer value let them feel that JPI Tinsmith Centre puts their needs first, and when their voice is heard, they are more likely to purchase products due to their satisfaction. Furthermore, the website made by the design tool can adjust its screen size automatically, so it is friendly for both computer and phone users.

shop website

The ‘Shop’ section showing detailed information regarding each product


The 3D picture of JPI Tinsmith Centre


When I showed the website to Irish and her father, their smile told me that my effort paid off. As Joshua Reynolds said, ‘if you have but moderate abilities, industry will supply their deficiency’, I did not have talents for website design, but with trial and error, I finally made it. It is not a pretty website, but at least it shows necessary information clearly, and that is what we aim to do.


As far as I am concerned, diligence can really make a difference. With the determination to expand promotion channels of JPI Tinsmith Centre, with the memory of my grandparents’ family business in my childhood, with the expectation from the business owner, I felt the responsibility, and I fulfilled my promise. The website is a small improvement for JPI Tinsmith Centre, but it also indicates my personal development, doesn’t it?


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