Life is like a fruitful adventure

By Liz, Chunxiao Han:

Part I

Sometimes you needn’t plan in too much detail. Just go where your adventure leads you, and you will find it a fruitful journey.

I didn’t plan to get to the municipality that day. I just wanted to get off at the church, and then found the municipality building was right across the road. So I went to the municipality without hesitation, hoping to get a map of the business I was working on.

The door was open, so I stepped in. Three local people seemed to be chatting. When I entered the building and started to observe them, they stopped chatting and looked at me.

I said, “Excuse me, can I get a map of the Jagna?”

Among the three people, an official-like girl answered, “follow me, Ma’am.”

She guided me to a room in the left hand side of the building, where I noticed 5 or 6 officers were working with hills of documents on their desks.

“Excuse me, could you please give me a map of the Jagna?”

“Please take a seat, Ma’am.” A young lady told me. Then she talked to a man nearby that was using his computer.

I had no idea of what’s going on. I could only observe each person in that room and wait.

After 3 minutes, I asked the lady, confusedly, “sorry, could I have a look at the map of Jagna …?”

“Wait for a while, Ma’am.” She smiled kindly. Then I knew that she had been preparing the map and felt relaxed. The air-conditioner was strong enough that I was very comfortable.

No more than 3 minutes later, she took 2 sheets of paper from the printer besides her desk and handed them to me, saying that these were the maps I needed. I felt so grateful and expressed my appreciation towards her. The map, although I hadn’t plan to get it that day, would make our report more attractive. So I stepped out of the municipality, very satisfied and excited.

I passed across the road and headed for Garden Café where I always work on my report with my partner. All of the sudden I found myself lose my way. The surrounding was houses of different bright colors inside which local people ran eatery business. Although the environment was unfamiliar to me, I decided to walk to the end of the road out of curiosity.

“Hi Elise!” Someone seemed to be calling me.

I found it was Lydia, my friend! Surprisedly, I told her why I was there hanging around, and wished her to show me where JPI Tinsmith Centre was on the map.

Now I not only got the map of Jagna, but also made it clear where JPI Tinsmith Centre was on the map!

When chatted for a while, and she told me how to get to the Garden Café.

That’s how I got to Garden Café with a map showing the location of JPI Tinsmith Centre.


The map showing the location of JPI Tinsmith Centre


Part II

These days, my partner and I were busy with proposing recommendation for our assigned business. Through this process, I realized observation and thinking was more important than I had thought.

For example, observation and thinking helped me come up with a product reallocation method for the store we are working on. Based on my experience that shops in shopping malls divide their stocks into stocks for display and stocks for storage, I proposed that JPI Tinsmith should also separate its products on display from other products stored. In this way, the inner environment of the store would be more pleasing and impressive.

We also plan to price goods at numbers that end with 9. For instance, a product worth 1000 pesos should be priced at 999 pesos so that consumers psychologically regard the product much cheaper than 1000. Although this practice currently is only popular in China and Hong Kong, we believe it will be as effective in Philippines.

Now I know that whatever I do, my past experience will be a great inspiration. So keep observing and thinking, then one day the information will inspire me to generate a brilliant idea.

This will be the last blog I post about my days in Philippines. I express my gratitude to all the people that did me a favor here, and the beautiful trees, ocean, and sky.


Beautiful trees, ocean, and sky



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