We know about cookies, we know about Mallu.

By Ann

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(Mallu and Vicky’s Cookies, Credit to Ann)

Here it comes to my third blog. Many things happened after I posted my first business blog and it’s so lucky that so far everything goes well. In this blog, I do not only talk about our business, but also talk about our business owner, Mallu. Two weeks passed, we become friends with each other and chat everyday. I think I will be back one day, to meet my old friends here. 😘😘😘


    • Individual Financial Planning💰
      • Teach Mallu how to save money

Most of people here do not plan and manage their money well. When they earn a lot, they spend a lot; When the income is low, they become poor and even need to borrow money at a sky-high interest rate, 16%. This indicates the importance of individual financial planning here. Mallu didn’t save money before, the varies in cookie selling always leads her family to financial insecurity during the slack season. Therefore, the best way for Mallu is to save money during the popular season and use it to maintain a stable income source for her family.


(Mallu and her notes after talking with us, credit to Ann)

To make it feasible, we suggest Mallu separating her money in pocket and the money comes from cookie selling. Mallu found a small box to keep her turnover and take it out when they need with record. In this way, Mallu can get to know how much money they spend every month. It is a wise choice to live with knowing how much money we earn and how much money we spend. Otherwise, the money is losing without we know it. Mallu hopes through this method, she can keep a balance for her family every month and know how much money she needs to make.

  • How to manage the money

We suggest Mallu to manage her money and try to make use of the money she has to make money. She said that during popular seasons, they don’t have enough cookies to sell since her sister does not have enough capital to buy row materials. Then Mallu can start saving money from now and lend it to her sister during the popular season. By doing so, Mallu can earn the extra profit from more cookie selling as well as the interests. When her saving increases, she can put the money into bank and expand her business. She can use the saved money as the capital to buy stock for her cookie shop before the popular season. She can buy cookies at a lower price during March since people need money to make cookies for May. In this way, she can buy low and sell high.

Basically, one important thing we emphasize to Mallu is that after she decide to save the money, she should try her best not to spend them and forget about she has it. Now Mallu tries her best to save money and earn extra income to maintain her savings. She has more motivations to work hard and do more things.

  • Multiple income sources

Besides selling cookies, Mallu also searches for multiple income sources to earn extra money for her family. Since cookie sale has a big difference between popular season and slack season, it’s necessary for Mallu to find other business to earn money during slack season. We design an income structure for Mallu, it is shown as below. During the slack season of cookie, the income from the snack shop can maintain a stable income for the family. At the same time, Mallu will do massage and help with writing lottery tickets.

屏幕快照 2017-06-15 02.36.41 PM

(Income structure for Mullu, credit to Ann)

    • Vicky’s Cookies🍪
  • Accounting system📝

We designed a simple and convenient accounting system for Vicky’s shop. Begin from using a counter to count the sell amount, Mallu will write down the number on the notebook and reset it to zero. We try our best to make it simple so Mallu can keep doing it after we leave. Compared with giving people fish, the better might be teach them how to fish. So from the beginning until know, Mallu finish the accounting process by herself. We only remain her and help with searching better way. Moreover, to remind Mallu pressing the counter for every sale, we put up a poster says that poeple can get free candy if they remind Mallu to press the couner. It works effectively since many people are very curious about it.

(The counter used to count the sell amount, credit to Ann)


(The first time that Mallu pressed the counter, credit to Ann)

  • Basic marketing ideas

Small business needs some new ideas and marketing methods. They can make a big difference in small business. We talk with Mallu about the ideas such like Buy More Save More and how to make the customers satisfied. One day two young men came and they wanted to buy 20 small bags of cookies. This is a big sale so they asked for discount. Mallu said they can get one bag of cookie for free if they buy 20 bags. The cost of this discount is a small bag of cookie, which counts 35P. However, they were not satisfied and left. Mallu felt very confused. I try to explain to her that maybe we can set the discount as 1P discount per bag and the costumers will feel they get some discount on every bag of cookies. And the cost of this diacount is only 20P. But since they can quantify how much money they saved so they will feel more comfortable and satisfied.

Some simple ideas like the one motioned above do work here. And they can make a big difference for the small business. People begin to do things smartly and use marketing method to help with the business.

  • Promotions

Vicky’s cookies has many competitors near around so promotion is a good way for the store to stand out from similar shops. We are making posters and plan to make online promotion for the store. During the popular season, the costomers are tourists. Therefore, it can boost the sale amount if we can set a face page for Vicky’s cookies.


  • Look for more stable suppliers

We want to find a more stable supplier for Vicky’s cookies through cooperating with other cookie stores or making the cookies by themselevs. Making the cookies by themselevs can lower the cost and increase the profit. We will have a futher insight to test the feasibility of this choice.

    • New snack shop🍴
  • Help with the construction

Mallu is a woman with full motivation and determination. This is the reason we think she is different here and she is very smart. She started to prepare for her new business this week. We helped with cleaning the area and the constructions. The snack shop will mainly sell iced drinks since it is in the middle of the market and Tubod Mar. People are easy to get tired and thirsty on the half-way walk. The snack shop also has an area for people to sit down. We will keep helping with the new business and hope it can operate successfully!


(We are helping with the construction, credit to Ann)


(Vish is trying to pull out the bamboo, credit to Ann)

  • Do the feasibility study for new business

We walked around to see whether there are similar shops and what are thier prices. After some observations, we think the best merchandise to sell in the snack shop is cold drinks. People are willing to stop at the middle way and the only similar shop is enough far away from our new snack shop. Their price is 25P for a mango shake and we will settle our price at a fair level. We will also caculate the cost of the business and set a reasonble price that Mallu can get the money back. Moreover, we will have different kinds of drink for customers to choose.

  • We are Friends now!

    We get along with Mallu and her family with all our heart and soul; Now we become friends and share interesting things in life together. Everytime we come, Mallu will prepare different food for us. Most of time it would be cookies, which is very fresh and still hot! In the hot weather, it will be a cup of iced young coconut juice; During the afternoon tea time, Mallu will prepare some typical food in Jagna. They are very delicious and this make me feel I have another home in the Philippines. 


(We sell cookie and we eat it! Credit to Ann)



(Drink cold coconut juice in the hot weather😝, credit to Ann)

(Calamay. People usually eat it with bread. Credit to Ann)


(Drink beer with Mallu and her family by the side of ocean🍺, credit to Ann)

Mallu, really nice to meet you!


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