Great improvement! We have made a difference

By Christina

Time off really fast! My adventure in Joey and Malou’s business is near to an end. Looking back, there have been moments of joy and lost, all of them turn out to be valuable now and give me a sense of achievement.

I still remember our struggling in the first week to convince Joey and Malou that a recording system is necessary to them. With the belief that it will be easier when they can actually see and find insights from the recording result, we pushed them to install the clicker system, which is the easiest and most simplified recording method me and Jake can think of. It is not easy at first, the assistants forgot clicking all the time, but after a few days of efforts and constant reminding to each other, the clicker now is working very well. The big fluctuation in the number of sales of puto-maya in the same container (fluctuate from 68 to 99 per container) makes Malou realized the problem of not standardizing the quality of each serving and they are starting to think of ways to improve that. This proves to them that those records can help them figure out potential problems which are not originally realized and gives them more incentive to continue recording the sales.

           Write down to remind clicking on the board and 71 puto maya sales in the morning

Another problem that Joey brought up is customers walking away without paying for their snacks especially during their busy hours. This leads us to try to build a paper order system because we observed that no such system exists. Currently, when a customer comes, any staff nearby will ask for what he want and prepare it back in the kitchen, the staff will also deliver the food to the table. When the customer finished eating, anyone free can collect the money and give it to Joey or Malou afterwards. However, this system may cause several other problems such as double ordering when another staff takes the order again when the customers are waiting for their food, or paying less when the one collecting the money is different from the one taking the order.


Eating area outside the kitchen, 6 or 7 tables in total

Four plans are presented to Joey and after a detailed discussion, the final plan we decide is using sticky note to record each order and put it on the fridge. The plan is put into practice for one morning.

         Preparation of the first sticky note plan.

Based on the outcome of the trial, we improved the system by putting up a paper with table numbers as well as a pen nearby the fridge. This helps prevent sticky notes falling down before the service is finished and gives them an alternative to write on the paper during rush hour when they have less time to use sticky note.

Adjusted plan with paper on the fridge


The outcome of this adjusted is really satisfying; we can feel Malou really interested in it as she take the initiative to add up and record the revenue. It gives a sense of achievement to see all those sticky notes on the paper spike at the end of the day.


Incredible result of the adjusted plan



The next step is finding an easy but effective way to help them get more useful information and insights from the sticky notes other than the revenue, combining the clicker result can be a good starting point. At the same time, we will give suggestions on how to gain more influence on the Facebook page that we have set up for them and convince them the importance of a proper recording system and making decisions base on rational analysis of the business such as budgeting for new projects and evaluate the effectiveness of new plans.


The Facebook Page we created, search and like us!

In general, we find Joey and Malou to be very business-minded person, they have achieved competitive advantages over similar eateries in the market and pay much attention to customer service such as offering free water and educating employees to talk to customers. They are aware of their business challenges and have many ideas to improve or expend. What they are lacking is the awareness of the importance of figures and recording, which is very common among small family business in Philippine. We feel very excited to see them implementing our plans on recording and starting to realize the necessity of maintain paper order system and record sales information. We hope they will continue to carry on the recording system which will help them to improve and expand in the long term.


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