Domene Kaw to the whole new side of business world

Written by Johnny Fung

Back in Hong Kong, we have always been immersed in the fast-response, impromptu style of business environment that had always required people to look at emails and handle ad hoc situation all the time, the experience of working with Domene Kaw Pension House has finally gave me a taste of how does a traditional business could be like and introduce me into a totally different face of business operation from what I have experienced so far.

When we think of marketing and promotion for the tourism industry these days, people would often only focus on digitized promotions happening online as we always have to presumption that modern day’s travelers are strongly dependent on online research. While adapting to the latest technology and keep up with the current online publication trend might be the weak spot of Domene Kaw, it has utilize its strength on traditional promotion method, especially its strong word of mouth among local citizens.


As there are only four staffs working with Domene Kaw and provide all the service from preparing breakfast to checking-in, bed making to giving tip about secret hideout in the area, it has add a personal touch to all the service through all the interactions, creating an environment that make guest feel like staying in a good old friend’s place. Happen to be providing the most reasonably priced event hall rental service in the surrounding region, most locals from Jagna had all experienced the hospitality of Domene Kaw through events like weddings or baby showers. The great experience for people’s visit had allow them to suggest domene kaw to foreigners on the first place when there is a traveler looking for a decent place to stay.


The other thing that made me appreciate the most is Reza’s attitude to self-develop and learn about new technology that helps her to improve her business given that she has already been well over her sixties. Installation of solar panels to ensure emergency electricity supply as well as reduce the normal cost of electricity expenses of the property, replace the water tank from aluminium to PVC that reduce the rate of depreciation had all been her personal innovation after learning about the advantage it could bring by her own. Reza has also always been eager to listen and implement the suggestion raised by JeeSoo and I.


Other than all the personal realization and inner journey came across working with Domene Kaw, I have been really excited about gaining the chance to practice my self-studied coding skills for the first time. Despite the limitation given under the free templates of the WordPress service, I have managed to made use of the knowledge learnt to customize the page to the maximum degree, adding responsive features to the webpage to create a better user interface that response towards the device’s screen setting and browser setting. Besides, my skills of self-studied Photoshop is being applied for real business for the very first time, the recognition of obtaining a skills that could help to future add value to Domene Kaw has made me feel like all the practice and time spent on learning something simply out of personal interest have finally gain its true value. It has also been a great journey to learn about basic accounting principles through real-life examples as a science student who do not usually got the opportunity to explore this scope.


Original Photo taken in the Family Room


image of room after Photoshop

Together with the critics and research I read about the evolution of their official language, drilling into the transformation brought by the ruling of Americans that changed the superior language from Spanish to English completely simply within 35 years of colonization, as well as articles about the current development of their local internet / texting language ‘Jejemon’, which I would not even to look up about it at the first place if Reza had not share about the language at the first place; I have really learnt way more than I have expected to gain from the course and through interactions with local business.


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