It’s challenging, simple and fun

By Emma

It’s my first time to visit a place that is without WIFIs and air conditioners. I used to think that I would never ever survive in a place without the above two ‘necessities’ in my life. But I have survived in Jagna for three days already!


I stay at a house that is in the middle of the grassland. On the way to my home, there are lots of animals: chickens, goats, cows, dogs, cats and a lot of insects that I don’t know how to name them. To be honest, I am afraid of the animals and it is a very scary journey whenever I get back to home. And even I get back to home, there is a cat, which is owned by my host family, staying inside the house! I am scared whenever he comes closer to me. But I’m gonna to take it as a challenge and overcome my fear in the remaining days.



Dinner with My Cute Host Family

Another challenge to me is probably the communication problem with my host family. My host family is a cute couple. They are Cerlosa and Querkin. They are very nice and friendly to us. When we arrived, they showed us around and helped us to prepare our mosquito nets. I was so impressed with their warmth and kindness. However, we got an obstacle in communication. Our host could only speak a little English and sometimes we didn’t understand what each other was talking about. There was the time that we misunderstood others’ meanings but we enjoyed the time we chatted together even though we could not communicate very effectively.



Nice Iron Hut of My Host Family

Our house is a very simple iron hut. Don’t expect anything that is omnipresent in the big cities, it may not be the case here. Our house has three rooms, one for the cute couple, one for Josie, who is my housemate, and one for me. It also has a kitchen, bathroom together with a toilet. You cannot find natural gas, hot water, and flushing toilet here, which are usually found in the big cities. They only use wood and fire to cook, cold water to shower and a small bucket to flush toilet. Other than the above, there is no air conditioners and WIFIs. It’s totally different from my city and my home in Hong Kong. And even though Beau kept reminding us of the living conditions here, I was surprised and needed some time to get used to them. Maybe it’s the time to get rid of the modernization and try another lifestyle, a very simple and natural one. It will be a nice trial to see how I get used to the life here.



Basketball Game with the Kids


Slipper Game with the Kids

There are a lot of kids in Tubud Mar, where we live at, and they are so curious about us, the new comers in the village.  When we were on the way to our host, there were many kids following us. Josie and I kept saying “Hi” along the way to these little kids. Surprisingly, the kids love playing basketball and they are super good at playing it. They played with us every day and there is even an exhibition game on 8th August! Staying with kids was very fun and they were really expert in creating games with simple things, like slippers. The game is just as simple as kicking the slippers in the air and get someone to grab it back. It created lots of fun for the kids and me when I was playing with them in the late afternoon.



Hiking with Auntie Cerlosa


Beautiful Peanut Farm of My Host Family


Fresh Coconuts which are just Plunked Down from the Tree

Spending time with our host is equally fun as well. On Monday morning, Cerlosa brought us to her peanut farm. Up the hill, we enjoyed astounding views of the village and the beach nearby. We had a good time together and we chatted a lot about her farm. Cerlosa was so happy to introduce us her peanut farm, her poultries, and her little woodhouse that she always rested inside after work. Since the peanuts were not mature enough, we could not dig the plants out and have a look of the peanuts. The farm is about the size of 2 basketball courts and it’s super beautiful. On the way back to our home, we saw a young man climbing up a coconut tree with his long knife. He cut out slices of the trunk to create the steps so that he could get on the top of the tree and get the coconuts down. Some of the local residents opened the coconuts for us and served us with some fresh juice to call a perfect end to our small field trip.


I guess I start loving the life in Tubud Mar. Life here is simple but definitely not easy for me and I am still trying hard to get used to everything. But I found it worth to experience a completely different life here. There are nice host family who brings me around, cute kids who play with me as well as the beautiful and natural environment. I am looking forward to the following few weeks and see what I will come across here.


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