Making the “5 Powers” more POWERFUL

By Amrita Sanju Daryanani

For the past two weeks, my business partner (Jason) and I have been consulting the JM Seafood Place. I have realized that the restaurant has 5 powers that have allowed it to reach its current position and hopefully, with further improvements that we have implemented, it will continuously be successful.

Power 1: Purpose


Working on the menu @ JM Seafood Place

The restaurant has a clear purpose or business mission, which is to serve the best valued food to all its customers. Initially, when we started consulting, I never actually expected that they would even have a mission, but they do. And in reality, they portray their mission as all the meals they serve are both the best and fresh.

As a result, it was suggested that they should create a tagline that can better show their mission to their customers. Together with the employees, we concluded that the mission should be “Serving the BEST & FRESH”, which would be perfect to highlight what they do.

Power 2: Place


Cutting the plywood for the receipts @ JM Seafood Place

The location of the restaurant is in Alubihoud, which is a major tourist site in Nueva Valencia. It is in between many resorts that are competitors to the restaurant as they have a seafood restaurant themselves, but this could also help better showcase the competitive advantage of JM Seafood Place. The unique selling points include a cheaper price, more variety of options and food made specific to orders, which can’t be found in nearby restaurants.

Therefore, with a better marketing strategy, it is believed that they can compete with their competitors more effectively. So, as a Journalism and Business Design and Innovation, I spent the time necessary to design a billboard layout design and a poster for people to know about the Facebook page that will be stuck at the restaurant, while my partner worked on creating a Facebook page.

Power 3: People


Finalizing the poster @ JM Seafood Place

The restaurant is run mainly by Marina, her family and some other employees she has recruited. The passion of the staff to cook seafood is amazing, they try all the dishes before serving to the customers to make sure that they have the perfect taste. Having tried several of the dishes, I can say the food they prepare is perfect and possibly, the best seafood I have had so far in the Philippines. As a small medium enterprise, the restaurant staff is very interested to ensure that the restaurant would prosper, but there are some concerns that employees have raised in relation to management.

As a result of this, we have worked closely together to establish order slips and designed and made table number stands that would enhance the communication with the kitchen and outside staff. We have also suggested a better method to divide responsibilities between employees that highlight specific jobs and a better arrangement for the kitchen.This would help to deal with the challenges that might potentially arise and help solve the problems.

Power 4: Profit


Counting inventory @ JM Seafood Place

The smiles on the faces of the employees and customers do suggest that everyone is really satisfied with the restaurant. But sometimes, it is really necessary to know about the financial profit as this would be a better way to measure the success of the business though it might not matter as much when you are doing what you love to do.

Needless to say, with our convincing skills, we managed to highlight to her the benefits of the having an accounting system in place as well as a creative way to stimulate a refrigerator to measure inventory. It is really great to see that she has already started using it and is satisfied with the benefits it is bringing to her.

Power 5: Passion


Discussing about the table number stand design @ JM Seafood Place

The passion within the restaurant is clearly shown throughout starting from the employees’ smiles to the food being served to the customers to the satisfied customers and to the environment of the restaurant. The restaurant is made out of wood and bamboo, which suits the environment as it is located near the beach. It is also very spacious with a clear eating area and a big enough kitchen to make sure there is no compromise when employees prepare meals.

With a better working environment, accounting, management and marketing strategy, we would be able to enhance the passion of employees. It is said that passion increases when you realize the value you are creating and how much difference you are actually making. We all hope that we can do good with what we are doing and I believe it is the same for them.

Did we succeed?

I am not sure if we did succeed or not. But, all I can say is that we have applied all the knowledge we have to create an impact that is necessary for the restaurant to become better. We haven’t left any stones un-turned and put in all our efforts to make sure that everything we do is the BEST.

I hope that few years from now when I come back to the restaurant, it will be better and the impact we have made will have a positive outcome for the restaurant.

I wish them all the best. Looking forward for my last week with them!


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