Made Myself A ‘Home Sweet Home’

By Fedora Kwok

Looking back one week ago, when we landed on this piece of island surrounded by heat and flies, we were thrilled but grateful at the same time to realize how this one whole, fruitful week has passed remarkably!

I still vividly remembered how mixed with feelings we were stepping into our host families’ house, it did not sound too appealing to us at first sight given that it was quite dark; with gloomy furnitures and was not really ventilated- that very much summed up our negative impression when we first arrived.image

But don’t worry, my passimistic impressions changed so soon that, perhaps it was right after the next day when we set off to travel around and to immerse ourselves to the green lands! The wonderful feeling standing in front of breath-taking views was when our whole outlook of this rural island changed drastically. The beauty of nature was definitely worth it! Experiencing every bits of this beautiful island!

What’s more, we were deeply impressed by the most hospitable host family that I have ever met, with their very welcoming food and their lead to exciting excursions across the island, the adventures we had were well captured in our cameras and in our memories, certainly unforgettable!

Probably by the next day of our arrival, we have get used to the heat, the flies, the primitive living enviornment: dark dining room, beds facing HUGE fans, luggage acting as our cabinet, bathing with buckets, hanging clothes outdoors at the back of the house etc. For food, we were generously served with typical rice grown at their farms going with mixed vegetables & chicken and LOTS of mangoes which made us so happy; our host family definitely fed us so well!!

What’s’ more, we were surrounded by energetic kids from all corners of neighbourhoods, they were simply too cute too adorable! They gave us warm hugs and much laughters, filled us with positivities and joy. And it was when we started to feel truly immersed to the land, the people, the lifestyles.

To be honest, looking back, neither me nor my roommate have expected such high adaptability we could actually have ever since we arrived this place! It’s undeniable that the first day of arrival was quite a dreadful experience for us; greeted by unpleasing conditions that gave us struggles and doubts on our decision to stay here up to a month. Yet we are stirred to realize how quick we have accepted the downsides of the stay while we truly enjoy ourselves in every single way of living.
Still remembered how I woke up the next day after arrival doubting my decision at phillipines (it was mostly because of the heat and electricity shortage on the whole province during midnight, it actually happens all the time, so frequently like once per day), we woke up grumbling and complaining whole morning.

Up till afternoon, things changed on our second day of arrival when Sarah brought us around. It was worth mentioning how fortunate we were to have Sarah with us, she’s 20 year old girl having the same age who brought us around amazing places!
Firstly, we went to the beach nearby (a public beach but obviously no tourists were there except fisherman) the dazzling and boundless sea view in front of me was superb and so was the quality time spent with Sarah! There’s of course, more to come when we paved our way to further embracement of the wild life, the purity of nature, the beauty of this land that gradually turned my whole outlook of the stay here.

The next activity with Sarah was going uphill, the place where the 27 turbines on the island could be observed at different angles. It’s only my second time riding the motorcycle and the ride was beyond words awesome! Extremely relaxing it was on our way uphill, pieces and pieces of boundless grasslands, they werebreathtaking! I was so inspired to think of how great God is to create a heavenly place like that!

At night, 7-10 yrs old children from neighbourhoods came over our house. They were all utterly sweet little young ladies, very impressive personalities that reminds me the simplicity and the genuinity of being true to others and yourself; to be true to who you are and to enjoy every moment of your life!

Besides, generally speaking, the atmosphere here on Guimaras Island is friendly and very laid-back. People stay under covers for half of the day, looking across the streets where cars come back and forth; observing their kids fool around with neighbouring cousins.

To have a brief sum up for the first week at Guimaras Island, I am well convinced that making this stay happen at the Phillipines is hundred percent worthwhile! Despite the really unfavourable conditions (believe in yourself, you will soon be getting the hang out of living here), I am out of words to explain how valuable the current experiences are to me; the genuine excitement to explore at a completely different country; to learn about completely different lifestyles, etc. have by far given me much inspiration on living life to the fullest! I am delighted that more excitements are coming!image


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