A Peaceful World Under Light of The Lord

By Peggy

This is a different world.

811745578The first view I got from the city, IloIlo, is the sunrise in the bright yellow color. The city Iloilo, which I’ve never heard of before, just lied there in the warm light. Everything is so quiet and peaceful, not showing any busy traffic or hurrying people like Hong Kong. The light coming from the rising sun just directly shined into my heart, cleaned every piece of tiredness in my body.Everything here is so different. No tall buildings, no crowded streets, and no subways. But everything here also has its own order. People keep a very close relationship with their neighbors, people greet and smile and people enjoy the blue sky and shining sun.

This is a faithful world.

The lord is everywhere, in every church, in every house, and in everyone’s heart. Everything follows the rules in Bible, in the kind and peaceful way. People pray, people be thankful, people be satisfied.

Heard from my host family when we climbed up a hill with a church (as showed in the picture) and a huge cross on the top together, the oldest lady in their family, keeps climbing the hill to go to pray every Easter (it’s a local tradition), and keeps going to church every week, which is a little bit far from their house. It’s not easy for a more than 70-year-old lady, but I believe her faith is so strong that she is deeply motivated to go to pray even the church is far away.

Even if Philippines is a developing country with a low GDP or GDP per capita, I see a lot of things that Hong Kong doesn’t have—relationships and spiritualities. In Hong Kong, I can feel  that people are just unconcerned about each other in a lot of situations. For example, in a company, work mates are just work mates. They don’t meet each other after work, or have fun together. In a community, most people just say hi and bye to each other, not knowing any life about the others.  People do not really have a close relationship with their so called “friends”. But in Guimaras, the island we live in , I can feel that people really care about each other. Their doors are always open for visitors, even at night (my hosting family said that if someone knocks the door at night to ask whether can stay overnight because his/her fan is broken, they always show warm welcome to the visitor and even let the visitor to sleep in the bed and the host sleep in the sofa), because they’re so close to each other, care about each other and really believe in each other. As to the spirituality, I know that a lot of people just chase for money,  or material satisfaction in developed countries, or in other developing countries, even in some situation it hurts the life of the others. But at this place, I can tell how people here are changed, or influenced by the religion. They feel appreciated for everything they already have, the reward granted by the lord, instead of always be greedy about what they do not have. This doesn’t mean that they’re not hard working, this means that they concern spiritual satisfaction more than material satisfaction, which also contributes to the close relationship between people.

Although Philippines is a developing country, although people here are short of money, or other living utilities, but I can tell, they are rich in mind, they’re grateful, they care about each other. This is what people from rich and developed countries might have partially lost and need to regain—the intrinsic qualities of human being.


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