Mission must continue!

One week after backed from Philippines, whenever I meet Pilipino on the street, I cannot help staring at them. Facing the Pilipino domestic helper at home, I am more intended to show them more respect and sympathy. From knowing their history, background and their life in motherland, I could feel the unfairness since they born. For women, many of them study as hard as us, and even complete university education, but turn out they have to leave their families and to serve us. For men, the best job is to work for the marine industry, which required workers to work far away from their home as well. Only the weakest and failed ones are left on the island. How pathetic the world is! Why are some people more equal than the others? How come the vicious cycle of prestigious ones suppressing the inferior ones continues?


Indeed, unfairness always exists, but not all are unavoidable. Like this time we were assigned to help the business in developing economies. Some of them are more than happy to change according to our recommendations, while some are turning their heads away from us. May be they are satisfied with the current status, but in my opinion, the key is the instability to meet the physical needs. Therefore some business owners are unwilling to make changes to eliminate the risk of inability to meet physical needs. No matter how much benefits will they get in the long term, they are more care about the money in the short term. As a result, with no innovation, business revenue cannot be maximized. And government’s revenue remains low. At the same time, more funding is required to support the economy. In addition to foreign competitors, this is a vicious cycle that widens the gap between the developed countries and developing countries.


To overcome this challenge, only business can change their fate. We have to convince and proof that the business itself not only can sustain, but also create a better living. With proper guidance and encouragement, actual monetary return from their own businesses can comfort the people to consider something beyond themselves, like environment, welfare and medical system. As the privileged one in the world, I do not want to dominate the inferior ones any more, instead, be a missionary of knowledge to educate the disadvantaged business. Thanks to this course, the valuable experience has helped me to move a large step forward towards my vision.


My ultimate goal is to empower the business to acquire the value of self-actualization, no matter for the individuals, business and the economy as a whole. Even though there is still a long way to go, there are no more excuses for us to stay. Therefore I sincerely and wholeheartedly hope that the model of this course can be replicate to larger scale and spread to more geographic regions. No matter how far and how many times, once there is still unfairness, my mission never ends!




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