Amazing month with amazing people at an amazing place

By Huang Yung Hsiang, Eric

This month is like a roller coaster ride to me. I felt a little bit nervous, sometimes even regretted going on the ride at first. However, after adjusting to the environment, everything went past so fast and it was so much fun that I wish I could stay on the ride longer. I totally fall in love with the island and it is one of the most amazing months I have ever had in my life.

As this is the last blog post, I would like to refer back to my first post, where I wrote down my expectations on this trip and see whether it met my expectation or not. My first expectation was to learn from consulting for the local business. Starting from knowing nothing about one company to giving suggestions to improve the company in one month of time is a pretty challenging process. I think I learned a lot but there are definitely things to improve. The biggest takeaway for me is that I learned how to understand a company by asking simple but effective questions, this would also be very useful in the future when you need to know about your potential clients as well as competitors. Nevertheless, there are some parts that I could do better on. First, I think I should understand more about consulting before going on this trip. Then, I would perform more professionally. Secondly, according to the owner of Viaje Travel and Tour, the recommendations we gave could be more in depth. After thinking about it, I think we could have done more analyses and research in order to support our points. Although there are some flaws, I am still extremely proud of ourselves on what we did within that short period of time.

Presenting our final report to Jed ^^

Presenting our final report to Jed ^^

I was also expecting to know a group of great people and be friends with them. I was totally correct because they are an amazing group of people to be friends with and I feel so lucky to have a chance to know them. Consisting of people from Hong Kong, China, India, Pakistan, Malaysia and Taiwan, our cultural difference is not a barrier but a window that gives us so many things to share with each other. We rode on a jeepney that broke down together, played bullshit (a poker game) together and also got bitten by mosquitoes together, we were like brothers and sisters for a month and it was so much fun. Although we may not share so many things together in the future, we will always share the wonderful memories we created together forever.

All of you will surely be missed <3

All of you will surely be missed ❤


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