Give and Take

-By Giselle Lai Lok Chi

2015-06-28 06.11.53

2015-06-05 07.24.27Today is the last day staying in Guimaras. I woke up early at 5a.m in the morning. Sitting on the balcony, I stared at the sky and thought about what I had actually done for the past 25 days. Life in Guimaras goes much faster than I expected. I still remember once I arrived in Cabano, I felt doubted whether I could survive without air-conditioning, having bucket shower and being embraced by numerous of insects. After 25 days, I have realised that it is all about adaptation that we can all have live in a simple way. Wind can be as cool as air-conditioning whereas bucket shower can be as comfortable as a proper shower.

Presentation Day

Presentation Day

For the business, hard work finally pays off. It was out of my expectation that the presentation to the Board of Directors was in a huge success. They had completely changed their attitude from ignorance to taking our advice into consideration. What’s more, they have started working on some of our recommendations! I have never been so satisfied and exhilarated. Gain from working with the business is not limited to learning how to be a consultant but also friendship. The staff of the pumpboat association organized a farewell dinner for us. They were all so hospitalized and even bought a pumpboat model to me as a gift.

2015-06-29 19.43.512015-06-26 21.05.41

Living in Gacita’s family is definitely one of the best memories throughout the trip. I have started missing the laughter in Gacita’s family, the hospitalized people living in the village, the simple-hearted children playing around, the stunning windmills, the romantic sunset, the noisy cockcrow in the morning and everything there. It is undoubtedly once-in-a-lifetime chance for me to experience the life in village as well as the culture of Philippines. In Hong Kong, money is everything, but this is not the case in Philippines. Filipinos place much more emphasis on relationships. They don’t mind to sacrifice part of the earnings in exchange for time spending with families and friends. People even share all of their salaries to their families.

2015-06-07 18.25.24

The course lights me up. I had a hard time after surgery of tore ACL in April that I sometimes felt pessimistic about life. The trip has completely changed my mind that I am in fact a very lucky girl and should be thankful to everything. Perhaps it is a way to put aside the volleyball for a little while and explore new parts in life. Happiness depends on attitude and way of thinking. I feel great after constantly striving to give the best effort to the consulting work, eventually I had overcome the problem and find myself ready for greater challenges. Moreover, I am blessed to live in a family which is full of love and care. In addition, I am lucky to meet all the students and the coolest professor in HKU. I had lived in hall for the past three years and most of my friends are local students with similar background. It is a good chance for me to meet students from other countries and learning from diversity. I have grown a lot via the trip not only by reflecting on myself but also trying to understand or listening to others’ thoughts.
2015-06-28 17.54.36
Everything was just too perfect. It is a right choice for me to persist in joining the journey after surgery. This course is not merely about applying knowledge we learned from school but also having a close interaction with one another. I highly recommend this course and sincerely wish that more students could join it in the future.

2015-06-13 17.40.26

Thanks for everything!


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