Beyond consulting business

-By Giselle Lai Lok Chi

Here comes the third week of the trip.

The business consultation progress was in a deadlock in the second week. The business involved too many parties and the relationships among the stakeholders were much more sophisticated than I thought. Moreover, it also took time to have clear communication and proper understanding of partner’s thought.

It is heartening that the business consultation has escaped from the trough this week. The pumpboat association was the only access where we grabbed information before. Meeting with the Marina was a milestone of the business consultation progress. She offered a lot of useful information in regards to the pumpboat association and the pumpboat industry from government’s perspective, which allowed me to view the pumpboat association business from a new angle. Interviewing with the Marina officer has deepened my understanding towards the pumpboat industry which inspires me to have some new ideas and solutions for the consultation. Surprisingly, what I have learnt from this course is beyond consulting business. It is never easy to face criticisms or negative comments. However, I am glad that someone is willing to criticize me in a nice manner. I am always welcome to criticism as I believe that being able to accept and evaluate those kindness criticisms is a good way to strike for self-improvement.

2015-06-19 10.19.28

Meeting with the Marina

Last Sunday was Father’s Day. Gacita’s family was bustling with noise and excitement as their relatives came along to celebrate Father’s Day together. Fevie, who now works and lives in Iiolio, surprised her father by buying a big cake to him. The moment was really warm which made me missing my family too. Although I could not celebrate with my father this year, I went on Skype and wished him. I also introduced him about my host family and shared my experience in Guimaras.

The big cake!

The big cake!

Gacita's Family

Gacita’s Family!

Apart from working with business, we discovered Philippines in another way. We went to Mambukal mountain resort in Negros for three days. There were many facilities in the resort such as hot spring, swimming pool, spa and a hiking route. It was a fantastic trip and I had a lot of fun with other students. Playing zip-line was definitely the highlight to me of the trip. I felt like I had become a bird surpassing the river and farmland of Negros!

On the way to Negros!

On the way to Negros!

Get ready for zip-line!

Get ready for zip-line!


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