The Final Countdown…

-By Shikha

This is the second last blog and I can’t help but wish that this course expanded over a longer period! It’s probably because each day comes with new information that we feel is necessary to analyse and include in the report. However, it’s all about learning to make choices and working with the most relevant information (something that I’m finding really difficult to do as for now!).

Christine, Anson (my business consultant partners) and I have now come to a very interesting point in our project. With the mass of data accumulated we were at first confused, and rather intimidated, and racked our brains to make sense of them. We had brainstormed through many recommendations but as consultants we are also supposed to check their feasibility and be able to translate the numerical data into a form that our business partners would easily elucidate. Just to give you a little scoop into our recent development, we are using different metrics to analyse profitability at the villa, which is part of the eco park. It might sound quite easy but it took us a considerable of time to figure out the best way to analyse profitability of the villa. But after several group discussions and consultations with Professor Lefler , the course coordinator,  we zeroed on using comparative metrics such as the occupancy rate. The best part of the learning experience in this course is that I’m able to put any newly learnt concept to test in to ‘real world’ situation. Also in the past couple of days, we visited some government departments such as the Department of Education and the Tourism Department to get some expert opinions which would help in developing our recommendations. I must admit that I’m quite impressed by the government officials in Guimaras as they were very approachable and provided useful information and were basically everything different from the usual old and grumpy officials that most of us have encountered.

However, for the last two days we were given a respite from the heat of Guimaras and a break from work as we headed to the mountainous region in Negros. We reached around the evening and were dead tired but still couldn’t refuse a dip in the hot springs before retiring for the day. The next day was a packed and thrilling day as we went for hiking, cliff diving and zip-line. The hike through the forest was picturesque as we went from one waterfall to the other, a total of seven.  The water was so inviting and once I jumped into it, yes it took me hours (figuratively speaking!) to take the plunge, I felt that there’s no other place I’d rather be. It was also a great opportunity for all the fourteen student consultants to spend time together and get to know each other better. I don’t think I’ve enough words to describe how awesome the trip was!


On our way to the zipline 

Having returned to Guimaras, I have a multitude of tasks that needs to be completed ASAP. So I have to sign off here and I’ll be here with a new post next week.


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