It’s all about explorations

By, Anson.

Finally, it comes to the turning point of our time! And in order to go to the climax, the only way is to explore more despite the limited time.  Within this week, i discover that we can actually do more than we imagine.


For the business side, our hard work eventually paid off.  My team felt so excited to receive positive responses from the John B. Lacson Foundation University. With their recognition and permission, we actively seek for any possibilities in realizing our plans.  Collecting instant feedbacks from tourists, seeking assistance from the national environmental group, investigating actual practice of maintenance work and discussing with office of education, all these have given us more insights in our future working direction. Although making each one of them into reality is really time consuming, we still have faith and hope to leave some hints for someone else in the future to continue our mission.


Apart from the business consulting work, I am so glad that we could have a chance to get involved with the drafting of regional environmental policy. Even we are only undergraduates, the representatives from the office of tourism indeed treasured our opinions. Even though there is still a long way to go before actual implementation, I still feel proud of being one of the future contributors to this Island. Step back from Guimaras, everywhere is facing the same environmental problem. Therefore we should not turn a blind eye to same issue that is happening in our living place. The key is to have the confidence to give your helping hand as if we do in the developing country.


During the fun time, it also helped me to explore more about myself as well as the environment. My first bike tour in a foreign country, crossing the village, forest, rocks and green fields, gave me an entirely different experience in feeling the culture. Slowly moving along the road we passed everyday, it allowed me to appreciate the beauty of nature and the hospitality of the people living in Guimaras. To challenge myself, I tried to ride in the BMX cycling field with special designed obstacles. Although it really hurts when I fell down, I had a bigger sense of satisfaction after learning from the mistakes. The same as our life, with ups and downs, the right way we should do is to overcome the failures and to move forward.


Time flies, it nearly comes to an end of our journey. There are still a lot I would like to explore if given more time. The people, the food, the place, all the memories will all be permanently kept in my mind. Anyways, I am sure I will come again to see the tiny changes we have made. Good bye, Guimaras, see you in the future!


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