A week full of new experiences

By Huang Yung Hsiang, Eric

Last week was a week full of first experiences and I had so much fun trying them out. First of all, my partner and I came up with a new marketing campaign for our travel agency. Although I had several experiences of creating campaigns promoting events that I was organizing, it was the first time working on a marketing campaign that will truly be implemented by a company in the future and I am so excited and at the same time so nervous about it. The reason why a marketing campaign is needed is because there is a obvious low season (May to July, in terms of sales) when the price of the plane tickets is much higher than the price of the ferry tickets. Therefore, in order to attract more customers during that period of time, we decided to create a lucky draw that would offer a grand prize of two round trip tickets to Cebu. During the low season, the first 100 customers will all get prizes ranging from several hundred dollars off their purchase or some souvenirs to bring home with them. At first, I thought coming up with an idea would be the hardest part but obviously I am totally wrong. In order make the campaign feasible, there are many different aspects need to be considered. For example, how many budget should be put into the campaign, what is the expected outcome, how to promote it and many other aspects. Therefore, we spend a lot of time drafting out the details of the whole campaign. What makes me even more nervous is that according to the owner of the agency, this would be the first time for this industry in Guimaras using lucky draw as a marketing campaign. Hopefully it would be helpful and improve its sales during the low season.


After a day of hard work..

Moreover, I also tried mountain biking for the first time in my life and it totally changed my thoughts regarding mountain biking. Tommy, who is the owner of the bike shop as well as our tour guide for our 24 kilometers journey led us to many spots that couldn’t be reached by car. However, to be honest, I was super exhausted after the whole ride because it was mostly uphill, and those slopes were nothing near flat at all. I used to think that biking is just a recreation but not a kind of sport but I found that it is actually a testament of one’s stamina and strength after this experience. However, I do not think I will bicycle for the next few months because it is just too tiring!

Mountain biking crew!

Mountain biking crew!

I cannot believe that we will be leaving this lovely island next week. I think I already have bond with simple life as well as the friendliest group of people I have ever met in my life here in Guimaras. I will try to make the most of the remaining time here and create as much precious memory as I can.


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