Distance between plan and reality

By, Charlie

Friday and Sunday are two big days for me and Liberty Cashew. I have written quite a few business reports and proposals. At the beginning, I was very excited about them and thought they could easily be put into practice. However, gradually, I understood, what we write would always stay on the paper and the main aim is just to convince professor that my plan is brilliant and feasible.

But here in this course, in this week, it is a lot more than that. Witness of the new labels and witness of the new cashew products experiment are just like watching my baby grow up.

On Friday, we went to the department of the Science and Technology. This time, not only Tina and I, but also the key person, Ms. Liberty is at the office. Another officer started a long talk with Ms. Liberty after knowing our purpose. Standing aside, I was quite nervous and I was afraid that the two parties could not reach the agreement. But I gradually relieved as I saw the smile on both the officer and Ms. Liberty. When they started to talk about the desired label for Liberty, we joined them and spoke out our ideas as well.


In a month, Liberty would not need to use the previous simplex label that does not fulfill the requirements of trading. Instead, a tailor-made label with good design from DOST will be shown to Liberty Cashew. It is really a pity that we cannot have a look at the new label before we leave. But anyway, a new label now is already a sure thing and the best part is that it is totally free of charge. After finishing the application form, Ms. Liberty smiled like a child and celebrated with us in high five.

For me, I could not be happier as well, I have seen the possibility of bring the all plan into reality. After all, the label is just a start and out of good opportunity and communication. This Sunday’s chili flavor experiment was supposed to be another concrete follow-up of the plan, but I have to admit, it was not very successful.IMG_1533

When we arrived at the store this afternoon, Ms. Liberty has already prepared fresh cashew nuts and chili peppers. I took it for granted that an experiencedprocessor will know how to cook the different flavors but this become the first question that she asked us. With no one knew what were the right steps and recipes, Ms. Liberty tried the simplest way, cutting the peppers into pieces and cooked them together with cashews.

It is quite disappointed that the sample cashew with chili tastes no difference from the original ones at all. And I counted that one kilo was used in the experiment, which has the value of 600 peso.


Though this is also from the plan, it was not very easy to achieve. I wanted Ms. Liberty to try a second time with more chili but my rationale told me that it was just going to be another failed experiment. Well, if we think from a more positive view, at least we found the problem now and we still had one week to tackle it.

After the discussion, we figured out two ways to solve the problem, one would be to steam the pepper and chili together first while the other would be to directly pour some chili powder after cooked. Though there are no recipes online for spicy cashews but we could learn from the recipe of the spicy peanut, which is much more common. Tina also suggested that we should use more varieties of ingredients instead of pepper only. Our next experiment would be next Thursday and hopefully we could enjoy the spicy cashew together with Ms. Liberty.

Just in one week, I tasted both the sweet and bitter part of the plan implementation. But no one likes taste bitter at last. Hopefully, I could taste the real spicy at the last week.


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