Keep moving forward

-By Giselle Lai Lok Chi

Time flies. I have been living in Guimaras for two weeks. I have become more adaptable with everything here such as the weather, people around, meals, insects and bucket shower.

Over the past two weeks, I have been dedicated to work with the business company. I feel like I am riding a roller coaster when I am working with the company as it comprises of excitement, challenges and uncertainty.

It is exciting that I have been given an opportunity to consult a pumpboat association. The company has been founded for quite a long period and therefore its development is mature. In order to collect more information and data of the association, we visited to both its office and the pier with its pumpboats. The staff is really nice and friendly. They tried their utmost to answer all the questions that had been raised. We also did customer survey so as to gather more comprehensive facts of the operations of the association. These experiences are fruitful and precious.

Moreover, working with people who have different backgrounds is full of challenges. They have different thoughts, interests and working style. Sometimes it is hard to decide whether it is better to defense or compromise when we have opposite point of views. I guess this is one of the reasons why all groups are working with partners. I hope I can learn how to get along with different people and adjust myself when facing different situations.

Besides, being a consultant is much harder than I thought especially we have limited of time to have a thorough understanding of the business company. What’s more, matters are much more complicated than I expected. Sometimes it is not about whether the solution can directly address to the problem. Yet, it involves numerous hide reasons such as having conflicts of interest or interpersonal relationship among the stakeholders. What I have learnt from facing uncertainty is to keep calm and keep moving forward. I will just try my best to work on it and do whatever I think that is right and good for the business.


A ride on the pumpboat


We were asking customer’s opinion regarding to the operations of the pumpboat association.

Apart from working on the consulting project over the past two weeks, we also grasp this golden opportunity to travel around Guimaras. Yesterday, we went to Takalong Island in Nueva Valencia of Guimaras. It is a national marine site for ecotourism. There were a lot of mangroves around the island. The view was stunning and magnificent. We swam and chilled on the island. I have never had this kind of experience before. It was really fun and I am super tanned now.


The entrance of the ecotourism area.


Fantastic view of Takalong Island



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