Taking a step back

By Catherine Chiu Kei Yu

I love to travel and my favorite thing to do so far is to be on the motor bike; I was lost in the beautiful landscape that I carelessly touched the engine and burnt my leg. Going to the local hospital also testified my trust in the doctor when he was giving me tetanus vaccine!

My expectations for Guimaras are very similar to what I am situated in right now such as the diet that we have and my living environment. But this reality is making me uncomfortable like sleeping on an imbalanced bed and trying to kill as much flies as possible at nights, having no air con everywhere, and how the sanitize standard is comparatively low comparing to Europe/Hong Kong. I started to get afraid of drinking the water here and tired of taking the bucket shower.

Honestly, there were moments where I just want to take a flight back to Hong Kong. I am missing my own room and the luxury of having unlimited electricity and clean water.

On the contrary, I love being surrounded by the beautiful landscape and the large wind turbines. I also feel very familiar with San Lorenzo because everybody are very friendly here and it reminded me of the village that I grew up in. Another attractive thing is that there are no flashing billboards, no traffic noise like Hong Kong. You will be free to walk around without bumping into someone, it takes off my city stress!

Your body clock would also adapt to the Guimaras lifestyle, every family would sleep around 9pm and wake up super early at 5am! I admire their eagerness to get up that early but I would sleep till I get waken up by the cocks around 6.30am.

During our day time we’ve been having a lot of free time and no internet. I started to wonder why I am committed to spending one precious month in a village and trying to consult a travel agency without any consulting background. Also why don’t I just live in a resort so that I have the air con?

Whilst these questions are still in my head and that I found it challenging to answer right now I am heading off with my team to plant some Mango trees for a host family! -To be continued

Getting a bit nervous at the hospital.

Our daily scenery.

The village.


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