Life is simple; life is beautiful

By, Anson.

So beautiful!

So beautiful!

Without packed lectures and tutorials, how would you imagine for a course that last for more than 20 days? In my past five-day experience, I would describe the course by only one single word, and that is “fun”.

Starting from the first day we arrived at the airport in the Iloilo City, even after staying awake during the overnight flight, we were all so excited and looking forward to everything we are going to see and the people we are going to meet. Commencing our journey with a tiny yellow shuttle bus, which carried fifteen of us to everywhere in the past few days, there were always endless and happy conservations. Despite there are insufficient seats for all of us, with somebody standing at the end of the shuttle bus, we laughed, sang and shouted. There were so many beautiful memories there. Although it is not a significant spot for us to explore, I would still describe this small space as a memorable place throughout the trip.



Rech Tjedcel


John Rey



Studying in a totally unfamiliar country, I am so lucky to have my “second” home. In Guimaras, I am living with a humble and adorable guy, called John. Seldom could I witness a person who is so kind and friendly to me as if he is my elder brother. Whenever I feel sleepy, hungry, hot and even lonely, he would always show up and accompany me. Till now, living in a tropical country, I am still sleeping without a mosquito net, as John will be the one who stay besides me even when I am sleeping. During the time, we learnt from each other’s culture, in terms of food, people, rituals and habits. By understanding the differences between us, this gradually helped me to better adjust my lifestyle to theirs. My life has never been so simple in my entire life. Washing clothes in the very early morning, watching the sunrise in the right hand side of my house and sunset in the left hand side of my house, playing basketball with the teenagers living in the village, cooking the Pilipino food and even swimming in the “private” beach next to my house, the comparatively slower living style allow me to discover Hong Kong people are living in such a suffocating and deviant community. When I tried to slow everything down, I found out there are so many items that we usually oversee, like the beauty of the nature and the intangible bonding held within the family. Therefore may be in later time, no matter how busy I will be, spending time to slow down a little bit will definitely be one of my must-do items in my agenda.

Furthermore, out of my surprise, the course is not only confined to business theories and knowledge exchange, we were also able to in touch with environmental issues. Taking a glance of the wind power station, we have developed a better understanding about the application and the potential of renewable energy sources; listening to the presentation about the mangrove habitat in Guimaras also enabled us to know the necessity to protect our natural habitat. When we were swimming across the ocean, in our first hand experience, we can feel the urgency to protect our natural habitat as it is actually getting worse comparing to the past. And for me, as a business student, this has brought me a lesson that we should never sacrifice our environment in exchange for commercial success, as I don’t want to upset our next generation from acting as a selfish businessman in the future.

Two days ago, it finally came to the core part of the course, the consultation of the local eco-park business, that echoes with the experiences we had a few days ago. Luckily, this time we can work hand in hand with the local students, I guess it’s really the time for us to do something to safeguard our living place via improving our assigned business. Despite the uncertainties and the challenges in discussing with the managers, we hope that we can really figure out something really useful and impactful not only to the business, but also to our environment. No matter how hard, we still conquer! I firmly believe good news are coming along the way.

It is so crowded! But we are so happy

It is so crowded! But we are so happy

Look at our sea

Look at our sea

Something I cooked, delicious~~

Something I cooked, delicious~~

Our dear teammates ^~^

Our dear teammates ^~^


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