Ready! Set! Business!


Sitting in the small yard after lunch, I’m writing with my laptop. It is warm but not really hot with the mild wind going across from time to time. Surrounded by the greens, I can hear the sounds of the nature, the wind and the rain; smell the sea and the village. Filling with my mind is not regret of coming anymore but the peacefulness and expectation to the next week. Thanks to the bad signals, there are no distractions and I just have the mood to write about my first weekend after landing in Philippines.

I did not have a good sleep on the midnight flight and I felt sort of dizzy after landing at the early Friday morning, not to mention the sharp temperature difference. I kind of wish this was all about a dream and I would wake up in my comfortable bed home as usual at that moment. I have to admit it was fun and proud to fill a Jeepney with a total of 15 people on our way to the host family. I think we have gained the potential to break the related Guinness Records. I did not think I could have a good appetite, but facing the delicious Pilipino food, there was simply no reason to refuse them. And the Friday end fast in the delicious dinner and hospitality of the host family.

With an American guy, Taylor, being our local guide, we started another awesome day about the marine protected areas on the island. Well, it was supposed to be a field trip to study the marine environment at first but it somehow turned to be a trip to the beach and you know what beach means to someone who cannot swim. Awkward as it was, I did learn a lot about the local people and business from Taylor.

Well, we have learned in our first lesson that the business was about to maximize their profits except for those non-profit-making organizations. However, for business in Philippines, profit might be the third or second thought but community is the most important value. I can feel it from my host family as well. The community is quite united with all relatives’ family living nearby to each other and quite often there is visits and chatting between the family members. But for now I do not have any ideas on how the value of community will influence the business here and it will be one of my focus for the coming week. There are a number of other tips like improving the staff working efficiency and taking the initiation. I’m more confidence of a good start for my consulting to the business after that.

In general, the weekend is relaxing and peaceful and at the meantime, we are laying the ground work for the next week’s main mission and we are well prepared. Tomorrow, the first working day for us will definitely be exciting!


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