Guimaras! Guimaras! Guimaras!

— By Metis

It’s surprised how Guimaras can impress you in three days.

We started our journey three days ago, precisely from 12:00am Friday, gathering at HK airport to catch the 2:20am flight to Iloilo. The time since then was nothing but a blur. Feeling sleepy made me impatient and the only thing I can recall now is we changed our transportation for four times: airplane, trunk, boat and van. That’s why I marveled at my state of mind when I sat into the van.

It’s really a brand new life experience to sit in the van, along the tracks, with green fields as the background, and gentle breeze touching your face tenderly. I felt like it was in the scenery of the movie!

The other day we learnt how Guimaras developed its electricity in recent years and also learnt about its marine ecosystem. We had a day at sea and took cliff jumpings, which is pretty cool, especially when you have the chance to enjoy seeing the beauty of pretty and hot girls.

Apart from that, what really impressed me is the hospitality and kindness of my host family, Gloria and her granddaughter. They live a simple yet sweet life together and run a small shop. They treat us with care and respecte us in every aspect.

They are never mean to show kindness and consideration. IMG_0176Sometimes I felt guilty for having to say no to her because she is too nice and considerate. Though sometimes our communication is by gestures and guessing work, it is truly sweet experience, especially when you find out you are being treated just like her granddaughters, or even better than that.

Bed nets, fans, hot waters, I don’t know how much they would actually use without us coming, but I know it is never an easy task to offer that much to strangers who jumped into their lifes. I should feel grateful, but I could do more to integrate with them. Yet sometimes I just felt sad of how little we actually can do as them: the way of bathing, killing bugs, and enduring the changeable weather. These are facts that could easily have stopped me from this trip, and most likely I will try not to recall all the pains, struggles and screams that I may have after this month-stay. But all of these should definitely go beyond one line in our CVs.


Families like Gloria and people here have the same experiences everyday. What it means to them though? Can they get out of here or should they improve the situation? Do they deserve it? Can any of the theories help explain this gap between them and us? Would natural selection theory work or manmade cause justify itself? I have no idea yet.

When I look how Gloria takes nice things to us everytime, when I think about how she can make all the dishes without natural gas but we just couldn’t finish all of them, I feel awkward to smile and say whatever words that come up with my mind.

The other time I walked out of the house and stared at the wind turbines, somehow I felt I was in the backward colonies surrounded by all these cold steeled high-techs. But when I take out my phone again only to find no power in it, I am confused about who indeed is the slaves of high-techs.

One Million Dollar Sunset View


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