Phillippines, we are coming!


It is now only a few hours before the departure to the Philippines. My feeling is complex given that the destination is completely different from Hong Kong in all ways. I do feel anxious and worried, but not much, after all, I’m not alone and there is so much to expect in the new environment.IMG_1443

We are going in a team of fifteen including the professor and I feel surrounded by excellent students with all different background. Though I know few of them before the course, everyone leaves me unique impression in the three-day meetings. My general observation is that the group is quite energetic and active with everyone trying to be helpful to others. A great team as it is, it is about time for the team to show their academic and consulting skills. And I think I will find more as the course going on.

Another thing to expect is the life in the Philippines with the local host family. The guest speaker has already told us a lot about the Philippines culture and features and I become more curious about them, not only about the food and manner, but also the unique experience like the so called bucket shower. I can’t wait to talk with the host family. And my host family happens to be the one with kids and I think there will be more fun for me and Haider, who is my roommate, to play with the kids and involve in the family.


Well, the most important mission is to help the small business there. We know nothing about the business but some general descriptions given by the professor. My partner, Tina and I are in charge of a cashew nut business, whose shop is once burned by the competitors. My imaginations show me the pictures of whole store, retailer shop and small booth for the nut and I will soon figure out the truth. And indeed the burning is weird and nearly impossible in the business environment of Hong Kong. However I could hardly judge from a single sentence like this. But one thing is for sure, that is, there is much for Tina and I to figure out and to do in that business.

I now feel powerful with my soul of exploring and my spirit of ambition. New life, new challenge and new mission but I’m still who I am, the one that is dedicated to do the best for my assigned business.


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