Philippine here I come !

Rather than experiencing the fascinating comfortable life in developed countries, I would rather explore the development opportunities in those less-developed countries.I went to Africa last year for volunteer work and I really wanted to continue the exploration this summer. Thus initially I chose the program in the hope of reaching more different culture and people. However, the experience will be much more different from the volunteer experience in the sense that we will take more responsibility and even have the chance to do real practice to make some change while benefiting the local people. This makes me quite excited and can not wait to begin the work.
Before the trip, I did an internship that is relate to the Philippine domestic helper issue for the whole semester. I worked in Fair Employment Agency which aims to improve the situation of domestic helpers. During my work, I get access to the relevant contract and legal procedure involved and reach out to lots of Philippines. Gradually, I get to know their life in Hong Kong among and even establish some personal relationship with them. Most of them are quite optimistic about life and open to share their stories. However, their problems are usually ignored by the Hong Kong authority since they are not given the residence identity here. The more I knew ,the more I would like to help. Finally , I collected all the data for a website to disclose all the agencies ‘ information so that the helpers will not be cheated in blind when they are seeking for an employer in the future. This experience inspired me a lot. It is such a good feeling to realize the idea that you mentioned in your academic work and projects and is also a sense of achievement to do some practical work to solve the problem. In Hong Kong,we hardly have the opportunity to solve the challenging issues in a company. Most of the year 2 or 3 students can only do bits and pieces in their summer internship. If so, why should we take a job only in pursuit of a big names on the CV and miss the opportunity to know the big world and get insights of the real business when we are still a college student.

Therefore, in the coming trip,I will have my  passion ready and make full use of my capabilities. It is for sure that we won’t have excellent living conditions and work with the colleagues who are in suits under a sophisticated system. But that is where the exciting point lies in. We will be facing a totally different atmosphere and uncertain business problems. That will require comprehensive abilities and provide us a full business solving process. From approaching the business to analyze the issues to develop business plans;from knowing the host family to developing a close relationship , I think all of those requires wisdom and I need to search for the most proper ways and keep reflecting on myself and my work methods. Certainly we would not expect a mature enterprise with good management.Neither do we expect fully- cooperated people. What we need to have is a sincere open heart with curiosity as well as preparation for the coming challenge. I won’t hope that things goes very smoothly. On the contrast , I am willing to have more uncertainty in the front and have more challenges. It is such a precious experience that I can develop both hard and soft skills.

– Tina


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