Our trip is like “a box of chocolate”

By, Anson.

We are coming!

We are coming!

The day, the commencement of the summer course to Philippine, has eventually come. Time really flies. A few months ago, a new course called Transformative Business Immersion in Developing Economies suddenly popped out in my mailbox. Starting from my curiosity to hand in the application, I keep wondering whether this course will be worth taken in the summer despite many other available opportunities. Until the day I received the letter of acceptance and the day I chatted with the course instructor, Mr. Lefler, a clearer picture of the course has gradually appeared in my mind. Even with insufficient details and information about the course, the great flexibility and uncertainties behind it make me so excited, as I can never expect what I will get and will encounter in the course.

For myself, who aspire to be an entrepreneur, this course would be a stepping-stone for me to be familiar with a business in a very practical manner. From learning entrepreneurship theories in last semester, I have longed for the opportunity to put the theories into real practice. And this would be my first time to help business people to solve real problems on my own. No matter what will be the result, I am sure that the experience would definitely help me to unleash some of my unknown potential, which may be the key for my future development.

Different from other courses, it’s more depending on the people we are going to meet and the business we are going to see. No more textbooks and lecture notes allow me to have large room for imagination. And I guess this will help me to explore something beyond my mind and out of my expectation, which can bring me with the steepest self-enhancing curve that I have ever had. In these days, after meeting with the great team in the past three meetings, I think the team mixes pretty well and that is really crucial to our learning experience. Not only due to the cooperative nature of the course, more importantly, this is a challenge for us to explore the unfamiliar world with our knowledge and passion.

I can’t wait anymore. The airplane is about to depart. With both anxiety and excitement, I really look forward to seeing what will be happened out there. The culture, the people, the food and the beautiful memories will are all the missing blocks I need to explore. Wait for me, I strongly and believe that something amazing is coming. Life is like a box of chocolate, so does the trip. What will be the next chocolate? We will see.


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