Expecting the unexpected!

By Catherine Chiu Kei Yu

My Expectations for course BUSI2816 (Transformative Business Immersion in Developing Economies) Guimaras, Philippines.

In 12 hours from now I will be flying from Hong Kong to Iloilo Airport and after arrival I can imagine us taking a traditional watercraft boat (Balangay) to our destination.

The purpose of our trip is to consult a local traveling business with the aim of shaping it into a better model. I guess in what ways would depends on the situation that I am going to meet. At the same time I will learn a lot from the business owner and to gain real life transformation experience. I also hope to build a respectful and friendly relationship with the business owner and his employees as how much we will gain from each other would be influenced by trust. I am very excited to meet them!

During my time away from the business I will be living with a local family and I assume that they are very looking forward to meet us too. Maybe they will greet us with a large Tagalog meal and some fried fish as I heard that Filipinos are very proud of their food! Life in a remote area under a developing economy could be pretty simple and yet very chilled and nice.

I will be sharing a room with my classmate whom I haven’t met yet thus please don’t get offended but I am expecting that we have our own separate bed! I am also aware that we will have a new way of showering which is called the Bucket Shower. I want to experience their local culture and lifestyle so hello to my first Bucket Shower in the hot summer!!

When it comes to communicating with my host family I think they will speak some very simple English and I can also learn some Tagalog from them? Once again, I am grateful for their kindness and to feed us for the coming four weeks.

I am very excited for my first study field trip with HKU and I reckon that I will learn a lot from my classmates and professor. To exchange our different point of view on dealing with different situations and life. I think we are from various culture, background and all of us are individuals so I hope to listen to their stories too. Before taking off I am just expecting the unexpected in all kinds and to be flexible with things!

The traditional barangay

Is our meal going to be like Jollibee?


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