How can Guimaras be different?


— By Metis

The first time I knew this course, I came back from a winter social voluntary work, which is to help alleviate poverty in mainland China by providing advices to local entrepreneurship about their products, especially agricultural products, such as honeysuckle and chicken. This naturally presented a question: what’s the difference between this course and the other projects available for us to choose?

I cannot deny the fact that it is just because I know Mr. Lefler and that he is in charge of the course that pushes me to get enrolled in it. During the first semester with Mr.Lefler in his course Business Law, I was caught by his talents and passion to offer more insights, instead of fossilized knowledge to students. I felt, from my limited knowledge about this course, that I would definitely not get disappointed to join it.

It’s really an exciting thing to meet all of those talented and passionate students in this course in the opening three lectures. We spent quite a little time with each other but find out as if we have known each other for a long time. I don’t feel quite weird about it though since I know, we share the same goal and we have more or less experienced the same before.

In such a short period of time, we see each other as if we see ourselves in the mirror. This is also the task we should do as we meet the local business in the coming days.

As I have helped agricultural suppliers about their products in my previous experience, when I got my group task that we are going to explore the market of mangoes for the local organic farm, I felt a sense of familiarity but also a bunch of questions came out.

  • Is the local environment the same as what is in mainland rural area?
  • Do Philippines people possess the same demand concerns?
  • Will the regional, political and cultural differences influence our advice to the local client?
  • How would the home stay help with our business plans?

Hope all these questions could have more comprehensive answers after our month stay there and full immersion into developing economics. By encountering new questions and tryting best to solve them, I believe we will get a much deeper understanding of Philippines economics, as well as a much better integration of sociologies and cultures.

What is awaiting us?

Guimaras, we are coming!


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