Check your vaccinations.

Typhoid vaccinations take about two weeks to come into effect.

Running around to get a typhoid shot is a real pain. Especially when you realise you aren’t covered a day before your trip.

Quite the representation of my state of mind, really. It hasn’t hit me that we’re leaving yet. I’m realising everything a day before.

The security guard had to drag me out of my room today because I checked out late and I hadn’t packed. My suitcase was exploding at its seams. We ran into the airport express yelling, “ Haider, lift the suitcases,” because we were late already. But it still hasn’t hit me that I’m going to the Philippines.

We’ve been briefed about our companies: I’m working with a pump boat association. The lady who briefed us on the culture,got me quite hyped about the touristy prospect of sitting on the top of a two tier pump boat. I love the sea but I’m motion sick, paradoxical, but all hail the motion sickness tablets.

Having worked with people from the Philippine’s through various projects over the past year, I’ve realised that they’re kind, open and happy people. I’m extremely excited to meet my host family. It’s exciting to mould into the family of someone else, from a different culture and different way of living. Personally, I love taking in a new place by meeting the people.

The best view, is the local’s view.

I’ve been on this quest to embrace uncertainty, so I’m not really expecting much. I’m just happy they’ve agreed to host us and that we’re hoping to make some kind of a tangible impact on their businesses. This was probably the main reason I chose to do the course: to actually put into practice the business knowledge I’ve picked up. In this zen quest to accept the unpredictability of the world around me, its apt to quote the wisest of them all.

“May the force be with us.”

I’ll update you based on this post, two weeks from now:
When Guimaras has hit me.

-Kanika Bali


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